Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about studying in Canada you probably have many questions. Please read the frequently asked questions below. Please contact us directly for more information.

  What is the average cost for international students?

The cost of education varies depending on the level of education and the particular institution being attended. In general terms, the cost for high school could be as follows:
September to June 2019
Includes: Tuition fees + Homestay+ Medical Insurance + Regular student monitoring (students under 19)
Total cost: $25,000
Undergraduate Studies

  What kind of support is given to students and their families?

Canada-Your Study Destination is committed to providing assistance with translation of applications, informing families of the different educational opportunities in Canada, so they can choose the best option for their given circumstances. We'll be do our best to answer questions or concerns and if we don’t know the right answer, we’ll work to find the right information.

Referrals to immigration specialists for any immigration advise. Airport pickup if necessary, assistance finding accommodation, emotional support, and regular monitoring and communication with schools, parents, and homestay families if necessary (Service for students under 19)

In addition, each institution has their own student support services that help students in their academic and environmental transition. Many schools have special programs to make the integration of international students smoothly and welcoming.

  What happens if there is an emergency?

In case of emergency, Canada-Your Study Destination provides the connection between parents and schools for students under 19. For students in university education, the institution will contact the family directly should an emergency arise.

  How old do I need to be?
We help both high school and university students study in Canada. Contact us for more information.
  Where can I study?
We have partnerships with universities and high schools across British Columbia, including the Vancouver area. We are happy to find an institution that meets your specific needs.
  How can I prepare?
Academic requirements are different depending on the institution. Learning a little about Canadian culture and the English language will help you with your transition as an international student. Contact us directly to to learn everything about how to prepare.