Our Experience

Adaly Molina


My name is Adaly Molina, and I have worked in international education for over 20 years. During my career as an International Student Support Officer and Homestay Coordinator, I was able to meet students from all around the world. I believe in a student centered philosophy for providing support that is more than just a job for me.

As an immigrant from Latin America, I personally identify with the cultural transitions that students must go through when arriving in a new country. As a parent, I identify with the worries and anxieties parents have when thinking of sending their sons and daughters far away. Part of my commitment is to support the parents by reassuring them that their children will be given the best possible support.

I carefully address student needs based on the kind of support they require, whether it is academic support, planning a field of study, finding accommodation, providing cultural advice, translating Spanish to English or vice versa, providing monitoring services for students under 19, or just having a listening ear.

Why study in British Columbia, Canada?

Canada provides a safe environment where students can focus on their studies and reach their goals. Among developed countries such as the USA, UK, or Australia, Canada has more affordable tuition fees. Additionally, Canada offers a welcoming environment that fosters tolerance and acceptance among the many cultures represented here. Students coming to Canada will discover there are many schools and programs to choose from based on their interests and goals. Also, an education in Canada can lead to becoming a permanent resident.

British Columbia has the mildest climate in Canada. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and beaches, the West Coast of British Columbia is a very popular destination. Additionally, there are many quality schools, colleges, and universities to choose from.